Natural salt production and sale from Trapani – Sicily – Italy

Salt farming


Our Company is committed to produce whole sea salt to be particularly used in high quality food industry, and for general purposes requiring organic products.

The tall, bright white hills are built up in August and are the result of the hard work of salt farmers, along with the long exposure of sea water to sun rays and hot winds. Ancient tecniques and ingenuity contribute to this superb result.
The experience of Massimo Daidone, who has been working for many years at Galia saltpans, helps SANIMA produce a salt with high organoleptic qualities.
The saltpan cycle starts in April, when the sea water fills the pans running through the channels. These pans are the closest to the sea and are called “first entry ponds”.
This group of pans makes up the 20% of the saltpan. Here, in the following months, the carbon in the sea water precipitates. At the end of this first part of the cycle the degree of salinity will be 6/7 Bè.
Now the water coming from first entry ponds is let into another group of ponds called “service pans”, which make up the 70% of the saltpan. Sun and wind help release the sulphates it contains, and the water is now ready to be poured inside the “crystallizing” ponds. The degree of salinity is now 25 Bè.
Crystallizing ponds are the last stop for the sea water; here the sodium chloride precipitates and the bright white sea salt comes to surface. These pans are the farthest from the sea; they make up the 10% of the saltpan and have different width and depth.
Between August and September salt workers can finally hand harvest the salt, which is laid onto specific spaces called “arioni”. Here it is left to evaporate, relying on the heat of the sun and the strong winds. After the traditional seasoning period it is crushed, ground and packed.
These ancient manufacturing techniques are a Phoenician heritage: salt workers at Salina Galia have always followed their steps.
A long skillful work for excellent results.

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